SpaceX seeking Beta-Testers

SpaceX Seeking Beta Testers for Starlink Internet

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The Starlink project is now concretely starting to take shape! After recently completing its ninth mission, SpaceX has so far released 538 satellites into orbit. 

The company is now doubling up its efforts in terms of rolling out the internet service it will provide through the Starlink constellation. 

According to ZDNet, SpaceX is now actively seeking users to test out the internet coverage it will provide for Starlink’s beta release.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk previously stated that SpaceX must deploy 400 Starlink satellites to provide minor coverage and 800 for moderate coverage.  

SpaceX has already obtained regulatory approval by the FCC to eventually launch and deploy 12,000 Starlink Satellites into Low-Earth Orbit.

As stated on their website, SpaceX is targeting beta service in Northern U.S. and Canada by August 2020. 

Furthermore, the website has recently included a form where any internet user can sign up for Starlink news and service availability in their area of residence. If users choose to do so, and provide their zip code, they will receive an email notification when beta testing becomes available in their area. 

Therefore, dear reader, if you reside in the United States or Canada, and you’re eager to test Starlink’s broadband service, you’re in luck!



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