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A 10-Year-Old’s Suggestion Becomes Tesla Newest Project

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It all started when Steven Loveday tweeted Elon Musk a version of his daughter’s letter for a school project she had. Bria’s suggestion for Tesla was seen and appreciated by Musk shortly, and only three days later, Project Loveday was brought to life.

Project Loveday began on March 4, 2017, and will end on May 8, 2017. During those two months, Tesla will collect fan-made commercials for the company from all over the world and they will be judged by Tesla personnel [judges] upon the end of the competition’s entry period.

Tesla’s ‘’Green’’ fan, as she signed the letter, is an avid follower of the company and hopes she can ride one of its cars when she’s older. She’s also an observer of the homemade commercials fans have been making for the all-electric company and its products. She shared her comments about Tesla’s advertising scheme and suggested that it benefits from the existent fan-made ads and run a competition on the best video.

Bria was even cute enough to suggest the prize of the competition: ”A year of free supercharging, or a Model 3 easter egg, or something,” she wrote. ‘’Hopefully, I will hear back from you so I can share it with my teacher and my class,’’ she ended her letter.

A couple of hours later, Musk replied on Twitter ‘’Thank you for the lovely letter. That sounds like a great idea. We’ll do it.’’ And Tesla did it all right, only a couple of days later!

Previously, Tesla has refused means of traditional advertising for its products, and instead, relied on public relations and a reputation for innovative electric vehicles. But just last year, Musk spoke about a possibility to redirect to untypical advertising ‘’In the long term, I think I could see us doing advertising where that advertising is entertaining, and people don’t regret seeing it.’’  So, maybe Tesla’s taking its first steps toward achieving that.

Eligible videos have to be 90 seconds or less, uploaded to YouTube with the link sent out along with the entry form. The submitted videos must relate to Tesla, SolarCity, the company’s products, or its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

As for the prizes, the top 10 winners will be featured on Tesla’s social media platforms, while the top three winners will receive additional promotion across social media channels, and finally, the grand prize winner with the best submission, will be invited to and introduced at a future Tesla product launch event [still unspecified]. Also, the company will adhere his/her travel expenses and accommodations for two people for two nights.


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