Animated Explainer Video on Elon Musk – Five Takeaways

Animated Explainer Video on Elon Musk – Five Takeaways

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A single image can only describe a limited amount of information. A video, on the contrary, takes our ability to tell a story and mesmerize the audience, to a whole new level. This blog post looks into the animated explainer video on “Who is Elon Musk”, to help you understand the concept behind it and how effortlessly it gives a timeline of the life of billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla founder, Elon Musk.

Takeaways from the Elon Musk Animated Explainer Video

Here are the five key points that we can all learn about this animated explainer video.

1. Plan an animated explainer video to full depth

A great animated explainer video can only be produced when you plan everything in advance. This video on Elon Musk was planned while keeping each aspect of the journey of the great Entrepreneur into context. It starts from his birth in South Africa and ends with his most recent accomplishments. This corporate explainer video also compares Elon Musk to Iron Man, the closest anyone has ever been compared.

2. Time the transitions smoothly

The information provided on the slides easy transitions without messing up the whole experience. Use of simple icons, beautiful colors and easy to understand animations make it one of the most appealing animated explainer videos. Adequate time is given to each of the images before a new one rolls in, allowing the audiences to easily consume the information shared.

3. Light background music keeps the audience focused on the video

An animated explainer video tries to explain a concept or effectively communicate with the audience. Therefore, you need to add background music that is not distracting. Still, the music played should not be annoying. There shouldn’t be any sudden change in the volume or tone of the music so that it keeps playing in the background without distracting the audience like in this animated video on “Who is Elon Musk.”

4. Do not overload slides with too much information

A corporate explainer video should be carefully created. A lot of the businesses try to add too much text into the images. This only leads to making things difficult for the audiences to understand. Each slide only gets a few seconds before we transition on to the next one. Therefore, you must avoid adding too much information into each slide. The animated explainer video on Elon Musk has each of the slides with just enough text to make it easy on the eyes and keep the audiences interested till the end.

5. Always end with a call to action

A common mistake that we see all the time made by animated explainer video production companies is that they end the video with no call to action. At the most they only add a thank you note. Some of them add a call to action in the description of the video, for instance in the YouTube description. However, not many among the audiences go to the description. Always add a call to action in your video, with information that makes it easy for anyone to access you.

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