Tesla Battery Day September 22,2020

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It’s official! Tesla confirms new date for Battery Day.

 Excitement has been building up for Battery Day for quite some time now. After being initially delayed last May, and after Tesla initially announced a tentative September 15 date for the event, we now have an official confirmation!

Remember the date: Tuesday, September 22, 2:30 pm Pacific Time.

The company has confirmed that Battery Day, alongside the annual shareholder meeting, will take place on Tuesday, September 22 at Tesla’s Fremont, California plant. 

Tesla also confirmed that it will be a one-time, in-person event.

Elon Musk briefly explored the idea of holding a webcast during the month of June, followed by a live event later on.

Musk already stated during Tesla’s 2020 Q1 earnings call that Battery Day will constitute one of the most important events in the company’s history. 

New technology on the horizon

Tesla is likely planning to unveil a new method of battery cell production; one that uses NCA, or Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide to power the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.

Elon Musk also mentioned in the past that a tour of the battery cell production facility will take place during Battery Day.

 Apart from battery cell production, Tesla may also reveal a battery that will enable EVs to have a range of 1 million miles, based on a patent filed by Tesla’s R&D team in Canada.

In essence, ladies and gentlemen, September 22 will most likely mark the dawn of a new era. The dawn of a new industrial age. The day which marks a turning point for Electric vehicles!



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