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Battery Day is delayed to next month, tweets Elon Month

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Tesla Battery Day put on hold until at least next month. 

Despite the fact that Tesla has resumed production at its Fremont plant and Elon Musk’s spat with Alameda County has been finally put to rest, the repercussions of COVID-19 are still keenly felt; and Tesla is no exception to the rule. Back in January during Tesla’s 2020 Q1 earnings call, Musk announced that the “Battery Day” event will be one of the most important ones in the company’s history. 

According to Reuters, rumour has it that Tesla was going to unveil revolutionary battery cells that will bring the cost of electric vehicles on par with fossil-fuel burning vehicles. COVID-19, however, had other ideas: The event that was scheduled to take place this month, has been postponed until at least next June.
Responding to a question on Twitter about a tentative date for the event, Musk stated the possibility of splitting it in two: a webcast next month, and an in-person event in the next few months. In another tweet, Musk also appeared to brush aside the webcast option by underlining the importance of a live event
Therefore, the date and location for Battery Day are still pretty much a mystery. Regarding the latter, Musk already mentioned the possibility of hosting the event in either Texas or California. 
In any case Tesla fans, one thing is certain: in regards to transportation, a possible tectonic shift to clean and renewable energy is on hold for now, and we will be kept on our toes during the upcoming months. Thank you coronavirus!


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