From Restaurants To Films: How the Musk Family Is Taking Over The World

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Imagine for a second that you are the sibling of Elon Musk. Your brother is busy revolutionizing the auto industry… and internet payment… and space travel… How are you supposed to keep up? Well, he actually does have two siblings and they don’t seem all that concerned with keeping up. In fact, they are each quite successful in their own right.

The better known of his siblings is certainly his brother. Kimbal Musk is on the board for Tesla, SpaceX and Chipotle Mexican Grill. His involvement with his brothers’ companies isn’t where he expends the majority of his energy. Instead, he has been making great leaps in the restaurant business for years with dozens of restaurant concepts.

Restaurants are his real passion; he has opened, since 2004, a slew of his restaurant series title “The Kitchen.” He began in Boulder, Colorado and has been continually opening restaurants across the United States since his debut. His concept is to execute the farm-to-table movement in a profitable, economical way and that is just what he’s done.

That’s not to say he’s only interested in making a profit. Much like his brother, Kimbal believes strongly in changing the world with his business ventures. His restaurants have a philanthropic division. A not-for-profit portion of the company title “The Kitchen Community” which is focused on bringing learning gardens to youth in major cities in the United States. The program has been quite successful, with more than 200 gardens already in operation. It’s no surprise Kimbal has been called “the Elon of food.”

The boys also have a sister, Tosca Musk. Much less entrepreneurial, Tosca has found her success in the film industry. She has produced dozens of major films like A Holiday Engagement, Simple Things, and A Kind Of Magic. Living in LA, she has had relatively steady success since her debut film, for which her brother Elon footed the bill.

That is not to say she’s not interested in shaking things up like her brother. Her part in Tiki Bar TV shows us she’s definitely interested in new technologies. Though you couldn’t possibly claim the show is as innovative as SpaceX, it was one of the very first wildly popular Podcast web series. A heavily adlibbed comedy, the show may not be changing lives, but it certainly made everyone take a second glance at the world of Podcasts- and look where we are now!

The three siblings were raised together in a large household in South Africa. They lived there with their cousins (travelling regularly with their engineer father) until it was time to go off to school. They now all live in the United States, and show no signs of slowing their game-changing progress. His siblings may not be household names in the same way Elon is, but there can be no doubt: this family is ready to keep changing our lives for some time to come.


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