Elon Musk vs Covid 19

Elon Musk evaluates the response to the coronavirus and how to proceed from here.

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According to Elon Musk, there’s always a silver lining to everything, even the Covid-19.

The topic on everyone’s mind was finally addressed. Referencing Musk’s recent tweets, Rogan inquired about reopening the economy and re-examining the numbers behind the virus.

While Musk didn’t address the best course of action to take in this pandemic, he was able to look at the bright side and note that the situation drew attention to the importance of consistent hygiene and the advancement of the medical field in regards to viruses now that the media has shown a spotlight on it. On the other hand, Musk confidently stated that the fatality rate was not as high as people feared it to be.

He also added that it was his belief that if a healthy person chose to go to work, the individual should be allowed to take that risk. When asked to suggest a solution to the pandemic, Musk aimed at clearing up any misinformation regarding the correct number of coronavirus cases reported, insisting that only cases where the virus was the primary cause of death should be accounted for.


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