Elon Musk Is Proud Of Tesla’s Model S Crash Safety

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Tesla Motors Inc. has already released 3 models of EV to the public; Roadster, Model S and Model X. These cars are now cruising on the roads worldwide. These cars performance are getting better and better.

Last November 6 at the 24th Annual Baron Investment Conference, Musk talked about the achievements of Tesla Motors in details. One of the topics he discussed was regarding the Model S safety performance. Musk stated that safety was Tesla’s absolute paramount goal when they designed Model S and Model X. He said that he couldn’t live with himself knowing his family and his friend’s families will be riding in these cars. If he didn’t do everything possible to maximize car crash safety, he couldn’t live with himself.

Musk also claimed that his company’s EVs have been saving people’s lives lately. Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO at Dreamworks had an accident while driving his Model S. His Tesla was T-boned by an SUV. He walked away with just a broken arm and he specifically thanked Elon Musk for saving his life. Another life-saving story was from an Uber driver, Jon Hall. On October 28, 2015 he posted a video and wrote a desciption, “I was travelling a little under 45 mph. There was some rain, but roads were pretty dry. I was watching stopped traffic to my right.” Hall was travelling in the left of two lanes as a Honda Civic was waiting to turn onto a cross street in front of him. As Hall approaches, the Honda driver decided to go for it and cuts directly in front of Hall. Hall also wrote, “I did not touch the brake. Car did all the work. Sadly no audio, because I had an Uber passenger and Washington has strict privacy laws about recording conversations.”

Model S have a five-star Federal crash-test rating. Musk though doesn’t measure safety the way the government does. He said, “This ‘5 stars’ is not like an actual statistic. Safety statistics are not measured really in stars.” Instead, Elon Musk pays attention to a car’s injury rating. Model S still has the lowest probability of injury of any car ever tested. Tesla wrote, “There is no safer car to be in than Model S.”


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