Elon Musk Personally Tests Tesla Autopilot Every Week

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Tesla autopilot feature
Tesla autopilot feature

Technology requires an eye of precision and consistency. In the case of Elon Musk, this has turned him into a perfectionist.  While Tesla Motor tries to develop a self-driving vehicle, so does other companies like Google who are just as precise and perfectionist as he is. This is why Elon Musk has taken the matter into his own hands. The CEO has decided to test the autopilot feature of Tesla every week himself.

“I’m testing the latest version of autopilot every week. Typically, two or three builds per week that I’m testing on my car… But it is quite a tricky thing and we want to make sure our testing is exhaustive before releasing the software. But if we keep making progress I think we will be able to get it out to early access customers, which is our public beta program, around the end of this month. The expectation is that someone is paying attention to the road and is ready to take over if there’s an issue.”

Musk predicts a three year interval before their company could finally reveal a fully autonomous Tesla. With a pioneer technology as controversial as it is groundbreaking, it is no wonder why Elon Musk has taken this responsibility for himself, to make sure it goes as perfect as possible, and to give the people a reason to trust the wheel to drive itself.


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