Elon Musk: SpaceX May Launch Falcon Heavy in Three Months

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In response to a question raised by one of his Twitter followers, SpaceX CEO has announced that all Falcon Heavy cores should be at Cape Canaveral in two to three months. The rocket launch should happen a month later.

Falcon Heavy is SpaceX’s biggest and most powerful rocket. Its power will combine that of three small Falcon 9 rockets, utilizing 27 rocket engines in total to generate more than five million pounds of thrust at liftoff. The 230-foot-tall Falcon Heavy can put around 119,000 lbs into orbit easily.

SpaceX has recently conducted its first static fire test of Falcon Heavy’s critical center core. The successful test took place at the company’s development facility in McGregor, Texas.

Musk has explained the Falcon Heavy delays in a news conference earlier this year, revealing that the rocket has proven more difficult than anticipated. ‘’At first it sounded easy, but actually, no, this is crazy hard,’’ he said. SpaceX is working on redesigning the center core among additional hardware.

The Falcon Heavy was initially expected to launch in March 2017 but was postponed after the launchpad rocket explosion in September 2016. Musk had commented on the incident back then, ‘’Turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years.’’  

In spite of the constant delays, the technical complexity of the rocket, SpaceX aims to make Falcon Heavy fly send our tourists to the moon as early as 2018, and perhaps, Musk’s ultimate wish, Mars by 2020.


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