Elon Musk To Have Roller Coaster Rides at SpaceX

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We all talk about the perks of working at Google, the food it serves and added elements which make it a fun ecosystem for employees. Nap rooms, gyms in office and slides are perhaps old ideas. But we know Elon Musk always thinks of something bigger and different.

This time around, Elon is looking to install a rollercoaster. He says he wants a giant rollercoaster for his Tesla and SpaceX employees. When asked why he would like to pursue this idea, he said that every other office had slides in their lobbies. And that he actually wants a fully operational rollercoaster at the Fremont factory.

“I’m thinking about doing that with SpaceX, too. That one might be even bigger since SpaceX has like ten buildings now. It would probably be really expensive, but I like the idea of it,” he said.

SpaceX currently has over 3000 employees at its headquarters in California and Tesla’s workforce tops a figure of 6000. He wanted people not to compare his plans with that of Google.

“We’re going to spruce things up. Not to sort of the Google level. You have to be like making money hand over fist in order to be able to spend money the way that Google does.”

Google offers a lot of perks to its employees including nap pods, slides, volleyball courts, indoor football pitch, private climbing wall and laundry. And Google is also supposedly working on its own concept of Kings Cross Headquarters.

Here is what Google’s representative had to say about the investment:

“Google is excited to extend our investment in the King’s Cross development project. This announcement forms part of our ongoing plans to make King’s Cross our UK home.”

All big IT companies provide environment which stimulates creativity and productivity. Let’s see how Elon Musk turns his offices into a fun working place.


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