Elon Musk to unveil details about Neuralink

Elon Musk to unveil details about Neuralink’s activities this Friday!

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Neuralink will officially update the public on the progress the company has made thus far. The event is set to take place this Friday August 28, at 6 p.m. Eastern Time.

The neurotech company, founded by Elon Musk in 2016, has remained very secretive about its activities thus far. Musk published a whitepaper in which he stated that Neuralink’s main goal is to build brain-machine interfaces (BMIs). 

Those BMIs are designed to help patients treat severe brain injuries through “the restoration of sensory and motor functions”.

What Will be Showcased During the Event?

Without revealing too many details thus far, Musk announced that it will feature two main parts:

·         The unveiling of an implant robot that will insert a BMI chip inside the human brain.

·         A live demonstration of neuron activity.

Why Exactly those Two Components?

The robot will be an improved version of the implant robot featured in Neuralink’s last event in July 2019.

Last year, Neuralink unveiled a “sewing machine” robot that plants thread-like electrodes into a human brain. Those electrodes are connected to a pod worn behind a person’s ear. They would enable brain signals to be transmitted over Bluetooth, thus allowing users to control a computer or have their brain activity monitored.

Musk claimed that the implant procedure can eventually be as seamless and efficient as LASIK surgery. The entrepreneur, however, stated that the comparison is still far-fetched.

As far as neurons are concerned, understanding how they work is at the core of Neuralink’s mission.

To restore key human functionalities, neurons in a damaged brain must be recovered and given the ability to work normally again.

Neurons are nerve cells that are responsible for communicating with other body cells through junctions called synapses.

Communication between neurons is done through electrical impulses, or “firing”. In order to work correctly, neurons must fire at different times, depending on the activity that is being performed.

People with neurological diseases lose functionality of these neurons.

This is where Neuralink comes in. The company’s objectives are to restore the use and the structural integrity of neurons through their BMI.


Neuralink’s upcoming event could be a watershed moment for neuroscience, and on a much larger scale, humanity in general. 

Whilst clear ethical boundaries must be established, achieving human symbiosis with AI may constitute a quantum leap in several areas.

From brain functionalities, to medicine etc. Neuralink has the possibility of optimizing Humanity as a species!


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