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Elon Musk Tweets Possibly the Finished Version of Model 3

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Chief Executive of Tesla wrote on his Twitter account: ‘’First drive of a release candidate version of Model 3.’’

When the car was announced earlier this year, over 325,000 all-electric car fans reserved theirs by putting down $1,000 deposits.

The production of Model 3 is expected to start its ‘limited vehicle production’ in July, with the goal to gradually increase production from 5,000 vehicles per week during the fourth quarter to 10,000 vehicles in 2018, hopefully.

Tesla’s Musk has previously boasted the firm’s production facility for its long-awaited Model 3, saying it ‘’looks like an ‘alien dreadnought,’’’ and that it will be like nothing we’ve seen before.

According to Daily Mail, ‘’Sources with knowledge of the Model 3 timeline had called it ‘extremely aggressive’, with challenges compounded by Tesla making last-minute changes to the car’s design.’’  Analysts have been eager to see how the company can pull the timeline off.

While many specialists claim Tesla’s timeline is too ambitious, and considering its reputation for missing production targets, with the company’s current pace in mind, looks like those claims are bound to be proved wrong soon.

Since we’re addressing claims made about Model 3, Musk has shared a common one himself: ‘’Am noticing that many people think Model 3 is the ‘’next version’’ of a Tesla, like iPhone 2 vs 3. This is not true.’’ In one tweet. Then he added: ‘’Model 3 is just a smaller, more affordable version of Model S [with] less range & power & fewer features. Model S has more advanced technology.’’

‘’Model 3 was going to be called Model E, for obvious dumb humor reasons, but Ford sued to block it, so now it is S3X. Totally different :),’’ Musk finished.

Here’s a quick comparison between Tesla’s Model S and Model 3: the former’s price starts from $68,350 with an ability to go from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Model S’s max range is 340 miles with a capacity to carry five adults and two additional children’s seats. Finally, it requires 5-6 hours for a full charge and 20 minutes for a half charge on a supercharger.

On the other hand, the newly produced Model 3’s price range starts from $35,000 with an ability to reach 60 mph in less than 6 seconds, a max range of 215 miles, and a capacity to accommodate 5 adults. Its charging time is still unconfirmed. (Source: Tesla)


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