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Elon Musk “You’re already a cyborg!”

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During the interview Elon Musk gave with Joe Rogan, he obviously talked about AI and its implications. But one aspect about it Elon touched upon was extremely interesting.

Elon explains that our phones have become an extension of ourselves, making us effectively cyborgs because we naturally rely on our phones to give us a lot of the answers. Your phones remembers conversations you’ve had, videos you took, you can ask Google a question, and in a second, you’ll have the answer.

The interesting part Elon Musk touches upon is how much data is transferred between you and your phone. The bandwidth or data rate as it stands right now is “slow, very slow, like a tiny straw” he continues to say “we need to change that and make it to a giant river, huge high bandwidth data rate and better interface.”

So essentially communicating with your phone (or whatever device it may change into the future) will become a lot faster in the future. Accessing information on your phone, asking Google a question, or remembering a conversation needs to become a lot more faster in order to advance humanity.

I genuinely believe the future looks beautiful!


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