Elon Musk’s visits Germany part 1: Promising things ahead!

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The Tesla CEO visited the European powerhouse the previous week. Musk’s trip to Germany appears to have been a success.

Meeting with several local dignitaries

Musk met with a number of German officials throughout his visit. Among those officials was Peter Altmaier, Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy. 

The meeting took place behind-closed-doors, with no members of the media present. 

According to a report by CNBC, Musk and Mr. Altmaier had an hour-long meeting the previous Wednesday. 

The two men spoke about Musk’s projects regarding space flight and autonomous driving, alongside Tesla’s investments in Germany. Mr. Altmaier also gave assurances that Tesla’s needs will be provided in every step of the way regarding Gigafactory Berlin.

Musk also had a meeting with the Minister President of the State of Brandenburg, Mr. Dietmar Woidke. Mr. Woidke stated that he and the Tesla CEO had a “very pleasant and focused conversation.”

Mr. Woidke also took the opportunity to thank Musk via Twitter, for choosing to build a Tesla plant in Grünheide. Grünheide is located within the State of Brandenburg, approximately 30 kilometers south-east of the Berlin city centre.

Visiting the Gigafactory  

Musk also visited Gigafactory Berlin’s construction site. Musk also took the opportunity to give an impromptu interview

The Tesla CEO talked about the company’s redesign of the Model Y vehicle, and local battery cell production.

Musk confirmed that the Model Y will be undergoing a “radical redesign”, which will be talked about during Tesla’s Battery Day. The redesign will be implemented in Gigafactory Berlin. 

Musk also mentioned that the plant will most likely integrate battery cell production onsite.

Trip to Tübingen: Important plans ahead!

On Tuesday September 1, Musk visited the town of Tübingen in Southwestern Germany. This was perhaps the most important visit of the Tesla CEO. 

More specifically, Musk visited the headquarters of biotech company CureVac. It specializes in developing drugs based on the messenger molecule mRNA. 

mRNA, or messenger ribonucleic acid, can be used in cancer therapy, and also in the development of vaccines.

CureVac could be one of the companies that will also develop a vaccine for COVID-19.  

Back in July, Musk announced that Tesla and CureVac have partnered up to develop portable mRNA printers. These printers, referred by Musk as “microfactories”, will be able to automate the production of mRNA-based drugs.  

Musk was keen on visiting CureVac’s HQ after the company announced that it has built a mRNA prototype. CureVac’s spokesman Mr. Thorsten Schüller stated that the meeting with Musk focused on how to get mRNA printers “ready for series production”.

Mr. Schüller also confirmed that “tests under real conditions are planned for the coming year”.


Tesla is further asserting itself as the dominant force behind the production of products based on sustainable energy. 

It now has the potential to lead the charge against COVID-19, and be involved in vaccine production as well.

In other words, Tesla could be set to become a green conglomerate in the near future!

Next up regarding, Elon Musk’s visit to Germany: A meeting that could be set to disrupt the entire automotive industry!


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