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Road trip to the Moon: First Commercial Flight

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The first private flight to the moon 

The first private space station team was presented Tuesday: Three men who are each paying $55m to fly on a SpaceX rocket. 

They’ll be led by a previous NASA astronaut presently working for Axiom Space, the Houston company that orchestrated the trip for next January,

“There will definitely be some resistance” said López-Alegría, 62, who went through 20 years as a NASA astronaut and holds the record for the most spacewalks.

“This is the first private flight to the International Space Station. It’s never been done before,” said Axiom’s CEO and president Mike Suffredini,

While the mission commander Michael Lopez-Alegria is notable in space circles, the other three people are simply individuals who need, want, and afford to go to space; SpaceX is giving that chance. 

The crew will get to enjoy 8 days at the space station; it’ll require a couple of days to arrive aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule following takeoff from Cape Canaveral in Florida in the United States. 

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft which is designed to carry people and cargo to orbiting destinations such as space stations, is displayed at the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles on July 21, 2019. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP) (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images)

In the event that the flight goes as imagined, the flight would stamp a turning point in human space flight.

 Axiom indicated that it will at last make space more available and further disintegrate the restraining infrastructure that legislatures have since quite a while ago hung on space travel. 

Meet the world’s first moon travelers

Axiom’s first moon travelers are the Canadian financier Mark Pathy, Larry Connor, a real estate and tech entrepreneur Dayton, Ohio, and Israeli businessman Eytan Stibbe.

From left, Axiom crew members Eytan Stibbe, Michael Lopez-Alegria, Mark Pathy and Larry Connor. (Axiom Space)

Two are grandfathers; the other is the father of three young children. They are the first would-be spaceflight crew composed entirely of private citizens on a mission to the station. 

“These guys are all very involved and doing it for … the betterment of their communities and countries, and so we couldn’t be happier with this makeup of the first crew because of their drive and their interest,” Suffredini said.

Every one of these travelers expects to perform science research in orbit, he said, alongside educational outreach. 

Pathy, the father of 3 children, was skeptical at first, but he said. “I wasn’t sure it was completely real, and I’d never heard of this company, Axiom,” he said.

He added, “I obviously was not going to blast off in a rocket if this was some sort of Mickey Mouse travel outfit. But the more I inquired and the more I spoke with them directly, the more I realized they were the real deal. It was really possible. And that moment where you think, ‘Holy cow, this is something I could actually do,’ it’s a bit of a surreal moment.” 

Preparation for the risks of the thrill

Every one of the private space explorers needed to finish clinical assessments and will get 15 weeks of training, as indicated by Suffredini. 

The 70-year-old Connor will turn into the second-oldest individual to fly in space, after John Glenn’s flight in 1998 at age 77. He’ll likewise serve under Lopez-Alegria as the container pilot.

Larry Connor is managing partner of The Connor Group. (SKIP PETERSON 2011)

Stibbe, 63, who flew battle missions for the Israeli Air Force and is the founding partner of an investment firm, is very much aware of the dangers, particularly on the grounds that he was dear companions with Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first space travelers.

Ramon passed away in the space shuttle Columbia mishap in 2003, Stribbe serves now on the leading body of a foundation made in Ramon’s honor. 

The three travelers embrace the test wide-looked at, they said, berated by past debacles, mindful of the dangers, yet bullish on the advantages.

Private Citizens in space would point out the space program as well as permit them to do explore on board the station, and give their all humanitarian philanthropic endeavors an infinite lift. 

In interviews with The Post, the team of the Axiom flight said they were very much aware of the dangers and were paying attention to the flight. 

Within the ranks of the expert astronauts, there might just be some skepticism floating around, if not by and large protest.

However, SpaceX’s goal is to demonstrate their legitimacy through conviction and modest devotion with over 26 missions in 2020. 

As the first flight only represented 3 businessmen with no female or celebrity representation, who else should Axiom invite to encourage people to join? 


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