A Closer Look at the Potential Fort Lauderdale Project

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The Boring Company is being courted for several tunnel construction projects in the US as cities face worsening traffic congestion problems. Due to the decentralized nature of governance in America, local municipalities have limited budgets to initiate necessary infrastructure projects.

California and Florida are the two states in which underground tube projects are being planned, more specifically San Bernardino County, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles in California, as well as Fort Lauderdale and Miami in Florida.

What Happens in Vegas

The San Bernardino county project plans to connect Ontario International Airport to a metro station in Rancho Cucamonga. This will serve to deliver passengers arriving at the airport to the station which will then be able to send them to Los Angeles more efficiently. 

The company is also pitching a project in Los Angeles that would take people directly to the Dodger Stadium from the Los Feliz, East Hollywood, or Rampart Village neighborhoods. The “Dugout Loop” as it is being called, will be able to transport 1,400 to 2,800 people per event and a total of 250,000 people a year.  

In Vegas, loops are being constructed to connect the international airport to the strip, casinos, stadiums, the downtown area, and the main city. The project, started last year, is estimated to cost around 52.5 million USD, and is one of the company’s bigger projects. It is also the place that the mayor of Fort Lauderdale visited to scout the prospects of a similar project in his hometown.

Tube project in New River?

Home to the NSU Art Museum and the Wharf Fort Lauderdale, the city has been experiencing a period of growth over the past couple of years, and the new river downtown region has been facing the brunt of a serious traffic problem. 

The mayor believes that The Boring Company’s work in other cities proves that they can get things done faster and more cheaply than the 55-foot high-bridge proposed by the Florida Department of Transportation, which would cost around 445 million USD. The company estimates that it can do the job for 30 to 60 million USD.

The Boring Company’s other projects have shown great results so far, with constructions running on schedule and not exceeding set budgets. With more cities showing interest and construction contracts being signed, confidence is growing in the company’s ability, so it is very likely that they can get a New River project done efficiently and within the predicted time frame.

The River Runs Blue and Red

The issue, of course, runs deeper than construction costs and logistical issues. Florida has a republican governor, Ron Desantis, who has been facing scrutiny over the mishandeling of the water infrastructure in the state.

“…a water main break that shut down North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota for a full day; another water main break that led to a potentially deadly sinkhole in Miami.”; reports by SachsMedia as well as other federal agencies and organizations have put the state under pressure to show that they can deal with such issues without pissing off their republican base.  

The American Society of Civil Engineers has given the state a C- grade on overall infrastructure, mostly based on the poor state of water and sewage pipes. 

For Democratic mayor Dean Trantalis, these issues have been a double edged sword. He got elected running on a campaign of addressing the infrastructure crisis in his city, which won him the election in a landslide. Ever since his term began however, controversy surrounded his administration which was diverting money away from the much water and sewage infrastructure to other projects.

This project with The Boring Company could be an opportunity to meet his constituents demands using cheaper innovative solutions.


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