How will The Boring Company end traffic?

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Source: The Boring Company

Elon Musk plans to build 3D Tunnels that will end traffic and change modern transportation.

Why Elon Plans a Boring Future

Elon Musk, technoking of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX decided to end traffic for good. To solve the problem of ‘soul-destroying traffic; Elon Musk founded The Boring Company (TBC) where he envisioned 3D roads.

A 3D road means either flying cars or underground tunnels. Unlike flying cars, tunnels are weatherproof, out of sight, and won’t cause free falling accidents.

The Boring Company (TBC) constructs safe, fast-to-dig, and low-cost transportation, utility, and freight tunnels. Elon’s solution, Loop, is the fastest and safest system so far.

Source: The Boring Company

Elon Musk offers two systems, Loop for shorter distances or the Hyperloop for larger distances.. The innovative network of underground tunnels will hopefully make its way to major cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where traffic is worst.

Such large networks of tunnels will help alleviate congestion in any city. No matter how large a city grows, additional levels can always be added. 

In order to have a successful tunneling business, you need to integrate the entrance and exit of the tunnel seamlessly into the city. TBC will build an elevator that is more like a car skate. Then, the entrance and exit will be integrated by using two parking spaces.

There’s no speed limit in TBC tunnels, they’re designed to operate at 200 km/hr. A passenger will be able to get from west wood to LAX in 5 to 6 minutes.

However, the most important part is, there’s no real limit of how many layers of tunnels you can have. You can go further deep than you can go up. The deepest mines can be deeper than the highest skyscrapers can reach.

Interesting Solutions to Boring Problems

The LA  subway extension which is barely a two-and-a-half extension costs a billion dollars per mile. Before building TBC tunnels, The Boring company needs to have at least a tenfold improvement in tunneling costs.

However, Elon Musk came up with solutions to every problem. CEO Musk came with a straightforward series of steps to make the costs more reasonable.

First step is to cut the tunnel diameter by a factor of two or more. A single road lane tunnel according to regulations has to be at least 26 feet in diameter to allow for crashes and emergency vehicles and sufficient ventilation for combustion engine cars.

But, if TBC shrinks the diameter to 12 feet, which is enough to fit an electric skate through. The new diameter will drop the cross sectional area and the tunneling cost scales by a factor of four.

Source: The Boring Company

Also, tunneling machines only tunnel for half the time. The rest of the time is spent on reinforcing the tunneling wall. So,Elon plans to design machines that will operate continuous tunneling and reinforcing. New machines reduce costs by another factor-of-two.

Also ,these machines are far from reaching their ideal limit. TBC will push the power of the machines substantially and drop the costs by at least a half.

 Nevertheless,  TBC invests the ground-up dirt into eco-friendly and durable bricks. Instead of having trucks wasting money and time on trucks to remove and replace the dirt while tunneling, TBC saved almost %15 of overall costs. 

Boring Baby Steps

The boring company posted a demonstration video revealing their latest advancement. The video shows two cars on a trip to the same destination, Space X’s HQ

 The two vehicles featured in the video are Teslas, of course. One takes the standard way of driving in the streets. The second car takes the Boring Company’s tunnel connecting two company plants.

The video follows the Model 3 as it takes the elevator underground, drives through the tunnel, and reaches its destination in record time.

Concept drawing of a Loop skate, Source: Hyperloop alpha

TBC future tunneling plans include connecting NYC to Washington D.C. and perhaps Texas as well.  Recently, news announced a possible Ontario International Airport tunnel which connects it to Rancho Cucamonga Metrolink in California. 

The planned four-mile tunnel would connect Metrolink’s most traffic enduring line to the nation’s fastest-growing airport since the last three years.

Also, in a more recent light, Musk met with Miami officials for a proposed solution to discuss the growing transportation in metro areas. Mayors of both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale initially met with the Boring company representatives in California to see TBC’s advancements on ground. 

The Boring Company later went to Florida to find more tunneling possibilities there. The Florida mayors were both optimistic on the proposed solutions by the company. As a result, both officials are now working with The Boring Company to hopefully bring their city into a new age of transport.


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