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Hyperloop to start testing its transport system next year

Elon Musk has proved to the world that his determination can move mountains. Just yesterday, he broke the monopoly of ULA (United Launch Alliance), getting permission to work with Uncle Sam. And Hyperloop is no exception to that commitment. CEO of the company, Mr. Dirk Ahlborn has said that ground will be broken for first test track early next year. And surprisingly, he also revealed that it would be free for passengers.

The pricing consultants working at Hyperloop estimate the cost to be twice a plane ticket. Although Ahlborn is strongly contesting that by suggesting that the company is working on something that passengers can use as one of the daily life utilities or public transport options. The company, as per him is also thinking of monetizing it through other ways instead of ticketing Hyperloop. The CEO went on to say, “I really, strongly believe that if we create a Hyperloop network and it’s free — in the off-peak times at least, in peak times we would charge a little bit  — but we make money in other ways, that will really change how people live.”

Well, it may seem to be a difficult thing to achieve. However, the system will work on 100% renewable energy and is one of the main factors which contribute to the cost. The company is planning to actually sell that energy. And Hyperloop is also currently searching for alternative ways of making money. The partner companies, professionals and public in general can contribute to the working with their ideas. As Ahlborn put it, “We allow people to join our team — most of the team is working in return for stock option — and we ask people, the general public for their ideas.”

Elon Musk, Hyperloop, Hyperloop to start testing in 2016


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