Musk Discusses Model 3 Details at StartmeupHK

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“Actually, I do feel pretty optimistic about the Model 3. The key thing with the Model 3 is higher volume and lower price. It is a smaller car and without quite as many bells and whistles as the Model S or X. But the goal is to have a very compelling, affordable and mass market electric vehicle, and I feel pretty good about that goal.” Elon Musk boasted confidently at a recent conference in Hong Kong.

Rumours have been circulating for quite some time about the Model 3 since his announcement in September.

The excitement surrounding the car is sure to reach unsurmountable levels around his announcement in March, but for now, we are satisfied with the comments he made in Hong Kong at StartmeupHK, a conference for entrepreneurs.

The 40 minute segment is an amazing display of Musk’s vision of the future. He confidently says that Hong Kong could be entirely powered by solar energy. He announces that a Tesla truck is possible on the menu. He refuses to give us more information about the Model 3.

His confidence is so unbridled that he is not even off-set by the falling oil prices. Usually, lowering gasoline prices are a big hit for electric cars, but he seems unconcerned. He, like so many other entrepreneurs, says that his secret is building products people love. He wants to build a “more compelling car.”

Perhaps the most interesting segment of the interview is the first 15 minutes in which he addresses the issues with power and electric cars. This is a common issue brought up by those who are sceptical of the Tesla vision. He acknowledges these issues with infrastructure by bringing up super charges, but he mentions that these are generally meant for top-ups.

He also brings up in passing, several times, that Tesla has been working closely with the government of China in order to make the electric car a more practical option for consumers there. This is not exactly an announcement, as we already know Musk is interested in making the infrastructure available for his projects, but it is always reassuring to know the practical issues are being solved as the car is being developed.


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