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Neuralink co-founder Elon Musk has announced new vacancies for his neurotechnology company. 

The company is aiming to recruit engineers who have “solved hard problems with phones/wearables” related to “inductive charging” and power management, among other things. 

Recruiting specialists Lever,  posted a page on their website where more details are outlined.   

So if you are an engineer with some background in IT, Robotics, Electronics and Embedded Systems, and Artificial Intelligence, this is your opportunity to work in one of Elon Musk’s companies!

What is Neuralink?

A small reminder to our viewers what Neuralink is and does it do.  

Neuralink is a neurotechnology company that aims to develop ultra-high bandwidth brain-computer interfaces, or implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMI).

Back in June 2017, at Vox Media’s Code Conference, Musk stated that a direct brain-to-machine interface, or “neural lace”, would help humans avoid becoming “house cats” to AI.  

On July 10, 2020, Musk announced on Twitter that Neuralink’s initial objective is for medical purposes, through “helping with dire brain injuries”.

In other words, the company will initially aim to help mitigate the effects of neurological disorders in patients that either have mobility issues or other daily functions.  

In conclusion, exploring the capabilities of the human brain, and brain mapping as a whole, have long been topics of high interest among scientists and neurologists. 

Neuralink, from what little is known about the company thus far, will address those subjects through human and computer interactions.

At some point in the future, maybe the company will develop a product that will allow our brains to interact with computers and IoT devices at the speed of thought.  

Technology is moving at such a breakneck pace that future generations will have countless possibilities at their disposal. And Elon Musk is at the forefront of that evolution!


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