Powerhouse Powered by Tesla, and EV Taxi Expanding

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Tesla is trying to break into the Texas energy market, which has recently experienced an extreme weather disaster causing power outages all over the state. Gambit Energy LLC, a Tesla related company is constructing a 100MW-plus battery storage system in Angleton. It’s going to be connected to the overall Texan power grid.

The project seemed like it was being built in secret at first. As work was concealed from public, but a Bloomberg report identified Tesla logos and public documents related to the project linking it to Tesla. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, previously criticised by many including Musk. He has registered the project and predicts commercial use of the system by June 1, 2021.

Tesla’s Dark Horse

Tesla Energy is capitalizing on an increasing need for energy storage systems and equipment. It is being offered at a high quality and very competitive prices. It has recorded accelerated growth with percentages even exceeding their car division.

Tesla Energy is responsible for projects like the Powerwall, a home battery designed to store energy from solar or the grid for usage during outages and at night time, as well as Powerpack, which is a DC energy storage device containing 16 individual sophisticated battery pods. 

The Tesla Megapack, is a large-scale lithium-ion battery storage product manufactured and installed by Tesla. Launched in 2019, each Megapack can store up to 3 megawatt-hours of electricity.

A Tesla farm has almost been completed as part of a Moss Landing substation system. It will be one of the largest utility-owned, lithium-ion battery energy storage systems in the world.

“I think long-term Tesla Energy will be roughly the same size as Tesla Automotive. The energy business is collectively bigger than the automotive business,” Elon Musk said, highlighting the growth potential of the company’s investments in energy storage projects.

The New Texas Powerhouse

The new energy storage project in Angleton, a town roughly 40 miles south of Houston, could power about 20,000 homes. It can finally provide peace of mind to the residents of the city.

An extreme cold storm shut down many wind turbines and froze gas pipes which caused energy supply to plummet. Energy prices soared and controversy surrounded the Texan power grid which was deemed unreliable.

Although not a fix to the power issues that surround the state. This project can boost the energy capacity of the state. Reducing the effects of severe weather events and giving the state time to respond and fix damaged infrastructure.

The project is also a change for Tesla to increase its stake in the energy market. This will cement its position as a serious contender in the power storage business. 

Tesla Energy will make up about 30% of the company’s total revenue by the 2030s. Up from roughly 6% today, according to analyst Alexander Potter of Piper Sandler.

Model 3 New York Taxis Rebound

After a crash was reported in late January involving one of Tesla’s New York yellow taxi fleet, it was expected that the cars would be out of the streets for a while. But images of the vehicles around the city show and increase in the number of the cars and a possible expansion of the fleet.

The cars were intended to make transportation in the city cleaner and more effective, and they are actually the only fully electric cars that are part of New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission’s list of approved vehicles.

Although still relatively new to the streets of New York, the cars seem to be receiving positive feedback from drivers and customers alike.


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