Richard Branson and Coca Cola Join Forces With One Web To Beat Elon Musk

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Richard Branson and Coca Cola Team Up With One Web
Richard Branson and Coca Cola Team Up With One Web

Even space, in all its vastness, only has one room for the victor. Clearly, that seems to be the case in the race between SpaceX and One Web in sending satellites to low orbit and providing internet connection worldwide, especially in remote places.

To increase their competitive advantage, One Web has teamed up with Richard Branson along with other companies to collect enough financial support for the project. In fact, companies such as Coca-Cola and Airbus have announced to donate to collect a $500 million round of funding.

Each company has its own way of contributing to the completion of the effort in 2019.  Richard Branson of Virgin will support One Web by offering its LauncherOne plane. Qualcomm will assist via cellular and Wi-Fi services.

Interestingly, Coca Cola is backing the plan because of both commercial and noble reasons. The beverage company wants to expand its market to reach remote regions without any access to the product.

“This project is exciting because it combines commerce with purpose. We believe it will help spur local economic development where people are in the greatest need, while also helping our business by improving real-time access to some of the world’s most remote areas where we are already active in helping provide opportunities for entrepreneurs,” said Bea Perez, Coca Cola’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

It seems both One Web and SpaceX are driven by the same noble and commercial reasons to provide quality access to everyone in the world. However, they differ in the extents they had taken to actualize the new plan for the worldwide web.

One Web plans to deploy 900 satellites. On the other hand, SpaceX wants to launch more than four times of that, expecting 4,000 satellites. While One Web also has other supporters such as EchoStar, Grupo Salinas, Bharti Enterprises and the like, SpaceX enjoys from Google’s and Fidelity’s support as well. In fact, their supporters even gave them $1 billion in funding.


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