SolarCity to offer the Largest Buffallo Hiring Spree in Years

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If you are looking for a job in the alternative energy industry, then SolarCity is open for you.

In fact, SolarCity estimates to hire as much as 1, 460 new employees by next year.

For now, the factory would only be filling in 100 to 200 higher-level engineering and plant management jobs this Fall. Some of these new employees would come from Silicon Vallley, but most of them would be recruited from the Buffalo Niagara region.

The local community is already preparing its members for future employment, planning college training programs and job fairs to recruit more potential.

70% of the jobs would be open to individuals with an educational attainment equivalent to having either a two-year degree or a high school diploma. These would mostly be designated for would-be technicians and operators.

Meanwhile, the engineering sector of Solar City would hire about 400 new employees with at least a four-year college degree.

More importantly, SolarCity promises to give above-average wages. Manufacturing jobs would receive $45, 000 a year while high-skilled engineering and science jobs would have over $100, 000.

According to the Labor Department, there are almost 30, 000 unemployed individuals in the Buffalo Niagara region. This would mean the company would have a wide array of potential assets to choose from, not mentioning the fact that competition would tighten as  the opening would spark the interest of workers from other regions.

Daniel Harvey, who is in charged of SolarCity’s recruitment efforts, said that the affordable standard of living in the region would appeal to workers from Silicon Valley to move in.

“It’s going to sell itself. For the right candidate, we’re going to use the region’s resources to show them why it is that we always come back to Buffalo.”



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