SpaceX Launching 4,000 Internet Satellites to Remote Areas of the World

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SpaceX Satellite
SpaceX To Join ISPs via Satellites Beaming Internet Down

SpaceX has officially requested permission to launch 4,000 satellites which would beam internet to some of the most remote regions of the world. The plan has been sent to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for approval, which if approved would give SpaceX a new space to explore, the Internet service provider (ISP) arena.

This is the first time SpaceX has formally requested for the permission to be granted.

The request asks for permission to test if the antenna technology would actually be able to beam strong enough signals to provide reliable internet connection. If the permission is granted, SpaceX will be able to start testing this technology by next year. Once tested successful, SpaceX would launch the service within the next five years.

The plan has a lot of benefits. Among many, it would enable people from remote areas of the world by manipulating internet technology. Musk also saw it as an end to the monopoly of big internet service providers.

This is not a unique idea in its entirety. We know so many other IT savvy companies have already thought of increasing global reach of internet connections to remote areas. Facebook is now working on providing internet using solar powered drones. Google is planning to accomplish the same through Balloon Powered Internet for everyone. Richard Branson is thinking of creating world’s largest satellite constellation. It’s ironic how one of the pioneers of today’s generation need to insert a little more speed to stay ahead of the race.


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