SpaceX’s tenth Starlink mission coming soon!

Starlink’s latest mission is now set to take place

SpaceX, however, has not confirmed a specific date yet.

According to, the Of Course I Still Love you drone ship has sailed to support the Falcon 9 booster’s landing once the launch is complete.

The mission, dubbed Starlink-9, will constitute SpaceX’s 9th launch of Starlink v1.0 satellites. It will also be the company’s tenth internet satellite launch overall.  

It is set to deploy a batch of 57 Starlink satellites, alongside two BlackSky Global satellites. The latter are earth imaging satellites, and are manufactured by Spaceflight Industries. 

Delays galore

Starlink-9 has been the most delayed SpaceX mission in recent memory. In the span of six weeks, it has been delayed six times so far. 

Bad temperature conditions, alongside undisclosed “checkouts” and data collection, have been the main reasons cited by SpaceX behind such a lengthy delay. 

Had the mission occurred on July 29, Starlink-9 and NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover could have launched barely 24 hours apart. Alas, it was not meant to be.  

A new milestone in the making

The Falcon 9 booster B1041 is still assigned to carry and deploy the latest batch of Starlink satellites.  

When the mission takes place, should the booster successfully do so, it will become the third SpaceX rocket to launch five times.

When it comes to reusability, the Falcon 9 rocket has become the linchpin of the aerospace industry.  

In conclusion, we can only hope that SpaceX officially assigns a date as soon as possible. 

With competition heating up, and the upcoming  beta service rolling out, the tech community is eagerly awaiting the launch!

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