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Car registrations are on the rise again in March after rough February.

Vehicle sales are again on the rise in China. According to LMC Automotive, a UK-based research company, Model 3 registrations, considered to be the flagship sedan of the company, have spiked by 450% in March in comparison to February.

Also according to the same firm, the sum total of Tesla’s registration numbers in China rose to 12,709 in March, compared to 2,314 registrations during the month of February. This increase especially comes after the Chinese Government relaxed Coronavirus-related lockdown measures, and after the re-opening of Tesla’s Wuhan store on March 30 following a two-month shutdown.


These figures stand in stark contrast to the sales performance of the automotive industry as a whole in China during the same month, which fell to 43.4% according to a report published by Reuters[8]. Analysts have argued that Tesla’s numbers are a result of the company implementing measures to provide continuous customer service support during the height of the pandemic in China, such as “home deliveries, unlimited Supercharging, and webcam-based customer service to make life easier for those affected by the virus […]”[9].





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