Tesla Building Largest Supercharger in California?

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The Supercharger Network is undoubtedly one of Tesla’s most valuable assets. Alongside the company’s state-of-the-art EVs, it is perhaps THE component that set Tesla apart from the competition.

The station is a 480V fast-charging technology that provides a seamless way for EV owners to charge their cars. 

Largest Supercharger: Picking up the pace

Tesla is currently ramping up its efforts to exponentially increase its network of Superchargers. Tesla has already built a total of 1,971 Stations and 17,467 Superchargers  across North America, Europe and Asia. 

There are already several impressive sites hosting Superchargers: For instance, the Kettleman City Supercharger Network is almost a town in and of itself. It contains a 40-stall capacity, a customer lounge, food services, alongside areas designated for families

Equally impressive is the huge, 50-stall Supercharger network located at the Lilac International Business Center in Shanghai, China. This station opened in late 2017, and contains a complete underground parking structure.

And now, another Supercharger is reportedly being built.  

Largest Supercharger Initially Shrouded in Secrecy

Apparently, Tesla is now secretly constructing its biggest Supercharger yet. The company did not disclose anything about a new Supercharger being built. 

Tesla enthusiast @bryanMackSC tweeted that the Supercharger is located in Firebaugh, California. 

The tweet also claimed that the site contains more than 50 stalls, potentially surpassing Shanghai’s Supercharger Network. 

More Precise Information Unearthed

Another Tesla enthusiast, @MontrealTesla, was able to retrieve filings for the Firebaugh site and tweeted the files to the public. The paperwork was filed with the Fresno County’s Department of Public Works and Planning.

The site will also host 56 Tesla Superchargers, and the area in the vicinity will host restaurants and convenience stores.  

The filings, however, did not specify if the Supercharger Network will be equipped with Tesla’s V3 stalls.  

What are the V3 Superchargers?

V3 Superchargers are capable of charging vehicles at peak rates of 250 kilowatts (kW). 

According to insideevs.com last November, V3 Superchargers can add 1,000 miles of range-per-hour to a Tesla Model 3 vehicle. 

The same article also stated that V3 Superchargers add “75 miles in just 5 minutes” to the Model 3. Additionally, they reduce “overall charging time by up to 50%.”


Tesla is rapidly expanding its network of Superchargers across the globe. All in all, the company is setting THE benchmark for the EV industry. Competing companies are simply following suit!


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