Tesla Cybertruck: 10 new tweaks that will blow your mind

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Just when you think Elon Musk has done it all, he springs up with mind blowing ideas, whether it’s a new notion or brilliant enhancements to his previously designed creations.

This time, it’s the fascinating Cybertruck. Both behemoth and unique, yet here are another 10 tweaks on the way, implemented even before its release!

Unfortunately, we do not have solid dates as to when any of these mods will be officially discharged, but I can promise you, they will be launched sooner than you’d expect!

1- Custom Ramps

Cybertruck will have stainless steel ramps, unpainted. To begin with, stainless steel is very hard to paint ergo saving on manufacturing cost. On the other hand, stainless steel does not rust, it is heavy duty, and resilient.

Nevertheless, Tesla now permits owners to have their trucks ramped. Many have been wondering whether the Tesla factory itself will be doing it for them, or whether owners will be doing it by themselves. There has been no answer yet regarding this speculation but there is a good chance Tesla would install the ramps in the factory though probably for a premium price. Now that’s only a shot in the dark.

2- Dynamic Air Suspension

Most likely we are all aware that the Cybertruck has an air suspension. Substantially, air bag suspension which is adjustable is just plain badass. Nonetheless, Elon Musk has now veritably confirmed on Twitter that Tesla is indeed working on a Dynamic Air Suspension.

This upgrade allows the vehicle to travel conveniently over severe grounds and rough terrains. A dynamic air suspension gives the EV more consistency especially for off-road fans; it makes terrains that are troublesome to navigate become super easy with this cool tweak.

3- Brand New Airbag Suspension

This feature has been precisely fashioned for the Cybertruck. Most people assumed that Tesla would be interchanging the suspension system from another Tesla, like Model X for instance. It is wonderful witnessing Tesla’s immense interest in the matter.

There will be no reprocess-that is a confirmed transformation.

4- Slightly Reduced Size

The Cybertruck’s size will be reduced up to 3%. Worry not, it shall remain gigantic. Keep in mind that this monstrous truck has a tri-motor, with a performance of 500 miles of range and 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.9 sec.

Back in 2019, when life was good, Elon tweeted that Tesla will most likely decrease width by one inch and perhaps do that with the length by over 6 inches, “without losing on utility or esthetics”, he also wrote that the minimum height will be underneath 75 inches once air suspension is set to low. He promised to post the exact dimensions when ready.

Once again, fans and owners wonder what the aim behind that change is. Personally, I do not think it will cause a massive change. Will the streamlining help with the Cybertruck’s fitting in tight places? Easier parking spot? Do people prefer it slightly reduced in size merely for easier accessibility and handling? We shall find out.

5- A Plaid Drive Train is Coming

It has already been manufactured and worked on for the new roadster; this fact will absolutely drive the Cybertruck to implement to an even better performance.

It should be mind-boggling because when it comes to speed, Tesla definitely knows what’s up.

6- Centerline on Final Cybertruck

This humongous EC will be more levelled and angular than what it already is. The angel on the window area will be linked with the side of the door and thus making it more levelled. It will certainly not lose its badass threatening aesthetic, just slightly levelled, also confirmed on Elon’s Twitter account.

7- Cybertruck Heat Pump

It will come as a standard option; Model Y has a heat pump as well to endure in cold weather. For people living in cold climates, this will be epic because it is not so easy heating an EV vehicle if you live in a terribly cold place, so they can be a tad more challenging. However, now with a standard heat pump, Tesla’s Cybertruck will be able to literally defrost and be ready to move in basically no time due to its cabin which will heat up pretty quickly.

8- Tesla’s Cybertruck Price and Release Date

Price ranges from $40,000 and it also depends where it will be released. As for the release date, it is estimated to be launched in early 2022.

9- Cybertruck Crossing Streams without any Damage

So this has also been confirmed by Elon himself on his Twitter page. Unmistakably, the Cybertruck has many ground clearances. In fact, it has 16 inches along with the suspensions fully raised. There you go, campers and off-roaders, your truck can cross rivers and water, but now assuredly, without any damage at all.

10- The Cybertruck will float on water *sigh!* “for a while”

*sigh!* “for a while”

This is wild! It’s mind blowing! Simply the idea behind it! What’s next, a flying car?

Thereupon, how exactly would that be usable? Will it be accessible?

It’s a bit far-fetched to say that floating in several water bodies, but we don’t know yet how exactly that would occur. My opinion, this won’t last long. Elon said that it will be able to float “for a while” on water and that’s why I believe going through rivers or crossing a very notable amount of deep waters should technically be feasible. The idea is super interesting to see and how it develops with time. 

Those were my top 10 Tesla Cybertruck changes. I am eager to know what the genius Elon Musk has hidden from us yet, but whatever it is, I will not be surprised!


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