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Tesla auto-pilot system with lane change assistance

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors is taking the lead in introducing new autopilot system for driving its cars. The software will enable cars to change lanes without needing any assistance from the drives. The new system has been introduced to help improve road safety.

This new Tesla autopilot system will not only help cars remain within their lanes but would also maintain suitable distance from the cars in front. This feature is designed to work effectively on highways as well as within city traffic. And this is not all, this new system will help you find a parking spot and will park the vehicle by itself. The new autopilot system is equipped with cameras and sensors to warn drivers about any potential side hazards to avoid.

Experts say that lane changing is something that no other automaker has previously introduced. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors explained that the system is also unique in its approach. It is collecting live data from actual drivers to learn and improve its efficacy. This learning will help improve the autopilot driving experience, navigating around tight bends and timely recognizing stop signs.

Here is what Elon Musk had to say about this new Tesla autopilot system, “”I think this is going to be quite a profound experience for people. It will change people’s perception of the future quite drastically. It should not hit pedestrians, hopefully,”

Musk added. “It should handle them well. We’re being especially cautious at this early stage, so we’re advising drivers to keep their hands on the wheel just in case,” he said. “The software is very new.”

It goes without saying, the system is semi autonomous, Elon Musk says that a hands-free driving experience is at least three years away. And it would also take considerably more amount of time to pass through regulators before it can actually be used to replace actual human drivers.

Update To Autopilot

The new Tesla autopilot system will be updated to 60,000 vehicles around the world, which include Model S sedans manufactured after September 2014 and Model X SUVs. The owners will get this system through a software update. The update has already been rolled out to customers in the US. Tesla owners in Europe and Asia will get the update in about a week’s time. Earlier Model S sedans do not have the required sensors to make this system work for these vehicles.

The complete autopilot system will only be available to the owners who initially paid $ 3,200 extra for the autopilot system. However, side-impact warning system is related to safety and will be available to all Tesla owners. Tesla is working on an advanced form of autopilot system, whereby you would be able to call the car in and out of the garage whenever you need it. Many auto industry experts are already saying that the lane changing system is ahead of the game and even the autopilot systems to be unrolled by other auto manufacturers in 2016 or 2017 do not offer lane changing assistance.


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