Tesla Hires More Senior Management, New CFO from Google

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Tesla Hires More Senior Management, New CFO from Google

Tesla Motors announced last May that its first Chief Financial Officer, Deepak Ahuja, who has joined the company seven years ago will retire this year. Ahuja continues working for the constantly innovating and fast-paced car company till his successor will be hired. Finally, after months of searching, they found the best candidate in Jason Wheeler. The announcement was aired during Tesla’s third-quarter earnings conference call last Tuesday.

Wheeler is Google’s Ex-Vice President of Finance. He worked with Google for thirteen years. He was responsible for Google’s accounting, tax, treasury, financial planning and analysis operations. Wheeler joins Tesla when it is about to enter a period of equally intensive growth and intensive spending. Tesla now expects to deliver between 17,000 and 19,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter making the full-year vehicle delivery between 50,000 and 52,000. The company anticipates a 50 percent annual growth over the next several years.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, stated that Ahuja and Wheeler will work closely together before Ahuja retires. At the end of November, Wheeler will begin his new role as Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer. At this early, Musk already has high regards for Wheeler. He said at the conference, “I just thought he was a super smart guy, and really understood what we were doing, and was a great cultural fit for the company.” Ahuja will continue working for Tesla for ‘the next few months’ to ensure a smooth transition will transpire.

Other executives who just joined Tesla team were also mentioned during the conference. The Chief Executive stated that more management heads will be hired and announced in the coming months.



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