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After Tesla’s 18-day shut down on December 24 for the production of Model S and Y, along with Elon Musk’s email to employees informing them that they will be closing from Dec 24 till January 11, people started speculating as to why this is happening.

Everyone has been expecting an extensively massive update. To cut to the chase, the brand new 2020 update is here at last: 2020.48.26 holiday update!
Many people absolutely loved it. On the other hand, many were not so fond of it.

Here is some general information about the awaited update, and then we shall tackle each new innovation. 

Tesla has developed a brand new software, which people have been so excited to experience, especially that Elon hyped it up for quite a while, more than it should have been. This software update changes some core elements about how cars work and the main interface when driving.

Starting with the Driving Visualization Improvements, Scheduled Departure Improvements, New Control Panel, Change in Reverse Camera, Improved Browsing, three new games, Animation, The tesla “T” which was on top is now relocated, newer but smaller icons on the screen, Speedometer is gone, Supercharger Display Improvements, and a bunch of new features which either amuse or annoy people. However, these features are the most talked about, such as the Boombox. This update has been extremely controversial. Let’s see why.

Driving Visualization Improvements

It has been refreshed to supposedly offer a larger visualization, allowing the driver to view extra details on the road milieu. However, most EV users are criticizing plenty of empty space. 

The Tesla “T” is no longer there, the car icons are tiny and some even blurry. Some claim that the design is now more aesthetic, not user-friendly. Designs must help with practicality and versatility, which is not the case with the holiday update. Tesla owners added that the screen needs a bigger map. Instead of enlarging the screen, they have reduced its size remarkably. The speedometer is gone and that irritates drivers. The battery icon has changed from green to gray which makes it uncomfortable to the eye.

On the bright side, if the driver pulls up something blocking the map, for instance, the media section, it can be swiped down a little to take a quick look at the map. Moreover, a new tweak Tesla has done is while you have something blocking your navigation system, the “turn by turn” direction moves over onto the visualization screen of the driver side.


With this feature, drive mode is enhanced via the new control panel. How? All windows are now animated, along with lights, front, and rear trunks, and charge posts. If you open the passenger’s window, you can see it sliding down, even with the back doors. Furthermore, the car on your screen is the same color your actual vehicle is. Elegant indeed.

New Games

Three new games have been installed in 2020.48.26 version: The Battle of Polytopia, and Elon loves that game and promises a new multi-player version. Then there’s Cat Quest and Solitaire. The latter can be played while the car is in motion and to many that is risky and certainly distracting when the passenger is playing.

Schedule Departure Improvements

Drivers can now precondition both, their battery and cabin when their EV is unplugged. This saves charging costs.

Supercharge Display Improvements

Instead of showing a dot like the previous version, it now displays a number as to how many stalls are available at the site.

The Boombox

Last but not least is the Boombox. Big improvement under Toy Box. Some absolutely love it, and others hate it. Utilizing the external speakers, that can be turned into literally, a boombox, and entertain crowds with media player when parked and while driving. The sound can be customized when you press the horn when the car is actually moving. Five custom sounds can be saved. For example, you can honk and it would be the sound of a goat!

Before wrapping this up, there are two pieces of substantial information, regarding the holidays for Tesla. Elon Musk tweeted that all Tesla deliveries in the three final days before 2021 will be getting 3 whole months of full Self-Driving option for free!A couple of days ago, Tesla tweeted that in 2020, they have produced and sold half a million cars! Very impressive.

Tesla 2020.48.26 Holiday Update is not the version 11 people thought it would be. Some people were thrilled about it, others not at all. Agreed, it was overhyped. As a regular update, sure it’s fine. The UI surely needs some refinement, but overall, it was adequate. However, not like everyone was expecting. As Elon said, version 11 will have “a lot more features that probably people wanted or thought they’re going to get”. Fingers crossed!   


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