Tesla in India sooner than we think?

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is giving further indications that the automaker will make an eventual entry into the Indian Market very soon.

Musk confirmed on Twitter that the company will tentatively release an order configurator for the country in January 2021.

An order configurator enables customers to configure a vehicle as they see fit. They can choose their variant, design the car, and place a deposit on any given Tesla model. They will also be able to speak with customer service representatives to iron out delivery details.

An Indian Market Ripe for Disruption by Tesla

The automaker investing in the South Asian country makes a lot of sense from both an economic and financial standpoint, as we have covered.

Gigafactory India: A Feasible Enterprise for Tesla?

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian consumer market is experiencing an unprecedented boom.

The consumer durables sector in the country is attracting significant investment. In January 2020, it has increased by a staggering 32.1% year-on-year. More significantly, per capita GDP of India is expected to reach $3,273.85 in 2023, an increase from $1,983 in 2012. 

This will enable Indian citizens to invest more in consumer goods in general. Durables are goods that do not need to be frequently purchased. Vehicles of all types fall under that category. 


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