Tesla Last Call to End Customer Referral Program

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Tesla owners were notified earlier this week that the Referral Program will come to an end on February 1st, 2019 without giving any reason as to why it has halted the program.

Cost cutting may be one of the reasons, as we already know Elon Musk let go of 3,000 workers to reduce expenditures. In another effort to further reduce costs, Tesla ended production of its entry-level 75D trim for Model X and Model S as well as increased the price for using Supercharger stations.

End of Bonuses as well as Lifetime Free Supercharging

Vehicle owners were able to earn bonuses in the past by referring new customers, who bought a Tesla. Bonus also included the use of Superchargers free for lifetime. Anyone buying a Tesla using the customer referral program, will have to make the purchase within six months from February 1st, 2019.

If you are an owner who hasn’t used their code, share it with anyone who can potentially buy a Tesla. Incentives include $700 credit, a black wall connector, and new 21-inch wheels if your code is used by four people you referred. For an owner whose code has been used five or more times, they would qualify for VIP invitations to attend all future events of the company including those held for Tesla Powerwall 2.

Has Tesla’s Referral Program impacted giving the code to potential Tesla buyers? Share your thoughts.


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