Here’s Why Tesla Model 3 Console is Awesome

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Tesla Model 3 is in a frequent and continuous evolvement which is owed to Over the Out Software Updates.
This badass electronic car has some ample features that is not yet acknowledged to the generality; it is certainly distinctive from other electronic vehicles.

There are a plenty of configurations concealed in Tesla Model 3’s central 15inch touch screen, along with other stunning features.
Tesla Model 3 sustain three different keys, for example.


The first keycard is Visa Card-sized, fits perfectly in your wallet. Once you swipe it on the B pillar, it is conveniently locked or unlocked.
The second key is through your mobile. Simply download and set up the Tesla mobile app. You will be able to either lock or unlock from your phone whilst 5 feet away. Moreover, the app authorizes you to open the trunk or better yet, summon the car to you! How awesome is that?
The third key is more of a gadget or an accessory-a pricy one. It is a mini replica of your Tesla Model 3, a tiny matchbox like of your car. It costs 150USD.

When unlocked, merely press on the left side, pull the handle and the door is opened. The Tesla Model 3’s central control touch screen does magic! Radio, air condition, adjustment of mirrors and steering wheel. Oh, and much more! Wait for it.

No complicated buttons

This car is supremely minimalistic; there are no complicated buttons and knobs. Only a few and they do the job: the central 15inch touch screen along with a scrollable button on the steering wheel. One of this little beast’s features is pressing the little fan icon on the screen. On the dash board/wooden panel comes out this long vent. All seats are heated. Go to climate control settings and select which seat, individually, you want heated-it could even be a backseat! Additionally, you can control how much heat is needed. Total awesomeness!

Navigation System

Let’s talk about the navigating system. It is utterly, equally beneficial and luxurious! So, you type in an address, and there it is on the screen, the route and how many layoffs you have to attain to fill up your battery. Furthermore, it depicts the percentage of battery you have used and the percentage you will need to reach your first Super Charge. You can even utilize the navigation settings by pre-saving things like “Call Mom”, “Find me food”, “Pause my song”, or “Skip this song”, etc. You can also ask it to show you all Super Chargers, and it will portray every single one on the way.

Electric cars, precisely this beauty, make almost no noise at all; the only sound it makes is when it’s in reverse; it makes this weird yet subtle space ship sound. Some think it resembles a humming sound. I stick with the aliens.

The Autopilot, of course

Tesla Model 3 shows your speed on the screen and when you slightly begin to go over the speed limit, it blinks and beeps.
The cruise control in this vehicle is something else. It is fascinating!
It has the auto-pilot features that does not fully drive by itself, but moderately close. Push twice on the right part of the steering wheel and auto-pilot is on! This magnificent auto pilot can change lanes; solely hit the blinker and it will automatically shift lanes for you. Once you hit 60, the screen will blink and inquire you to put both hands on the steering wheel, for reassurance that you are still there. A sign of life, in case you were drooling on yourself.

Tesla Model 3’s latest update offers users an incredible smart feature: This exhilarating car can now slow down at stop signs and stoplights. Over and above, when you are recharging electric cars, it requires half an hour to an hour to fully recharge. And boredom kills. With the Tesla Model 3 new feature, you can click on entertainment and watch Netflix, Hulu, or even play games! If you have a Spotify account, you can listen to music and if you do not, you can easily listen to music via Bluetooth.

If that is not on the top of the list of badassery, then I don’t know what is!


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