Tesla models will be used for Loop Projects

Tesla Models will be used for the Loop Projects

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The Boring Company has confirmed Tesla’s Model S, Model X, and Model 3 will be used as transportation vehicles for its upcoming “Loop” projects.  

The company has lined up three loop projects: The Las Vegas Loop, which includes the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop (LVCC), the Los Angeles Dugout Loop, and the East Coast Loop that will connect downtown Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland.   

So far, only the LVCC Loop is in construction, with The Boring Company completing the excavation phase last May, and is expected to complete the project by 2021.

The rest of the projects are still subject to environmental reviews and permitting. 

What is a “Loop”?

As stated on The Boring Company’s FAQ page, a Loop is an “all-electric, zero-emissions, high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported via compatible Autonomous Electric Vehicles (AEVs) at up to 150 miles per hour (241.402 kilometers per hour).”  

The Boring Company has recently updated the page to include information about the vehicle that will be in use for their Loop system. 

They stated that the “AEVs are Tesla vehicles (Model S, 3 and X) that operate autonomously within the Loop system”.

The company has also released new concept images for three different station designs: surface stations, subsurface stations, and open-air stations.

How will the Tesla vehicles operate? And what will be the fare prices?

While the Boring Company has confirmed that the Tesla Models will be autonomous, meaning that they will not be operated by a human driver, it remains to be seen if they will be equipped with a steering wheel.  

As far as transportation fares are concerned, the company has yet to disclose pricing plans.

On the other hand, it did state on the FAQ page that the prices will be “project specific”, and will be “comparable to or lower than public transportation fares”.

In conclusion, once one of the Loop projects is completed, we may witness the dawn of a new transportation era that will supplant the subway system!


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