Tesla Motors’ Recent Success Reviewed

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Tesla Motors' Recent Success Reviewed

The spotlight chooses to shine upon Tesla Motors this week. Google is littered with articles related to Tesla Motors’ newest car model – Model S P85D, Tesla inaugurated its 500th charging station in Moers, Germany, Tesla’s plan to sell $500 million of additional shares in order to raise capital to fund its continuing expansion and Tesla’s share on NASDAQ keeps soaring since Thursday afternoon at 8.07 percent to $242.99.

Tesla Motors’ success are shooting from every angle. Its success lures even the giants in business. Aston Martin inspired by Tesla Motors’ Model 5, is now targeting to build electric cars and will release them in 2 years. Another iconic company, Apple Inc., wants a taste of Tesla Motors’ limelight. They poached Tesla’s Senior Engineer, Jamie Carlson, who will allegedly work on Apple’s electric car.

You might also want to recall earlier in July where Tesla’s Founder, Elon Musk, attended Allen and Co.’s Sun Valley conference – an annual media finance conference hosted by the titular private investment firm. During the conference, Musk announced that he expects their company sales to double annual revenue figures all because of the introduction of the Model X crossover to the market. More than 20,000 orders of Model X have already been placed with 7,000 vehicles expected to be delivered this year.

Tesla’s Founder’s, Elon Musk, great ambitions are definitely opening new horizons.


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