Tesla Motors’ Rival Will Release Its Fully Electronic Autonomous Car In 2017

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Tesla Motors’ Rival Will Release Its Fully Electronic Autonomous Car In 2017

Competition for Tesla Motors and SpaceX’ is getting more intense. Elon Musk, the real-life Tony Starck who always stays ahead of everyone, is always keeping us at the edge of our seats with all the invention his companies have done so far. Now, a lot of companies want to be a part of his big dreams making the competition getting hotter and even more curious what Musk will do now and how fast he’ll deliver his plans. His company is the first one to manufacture an all electronic powered vehicle and launched auto-pilot mechanism in them. Musk is also trying to recycle used rockets by trying to land it back to Earth to reduce the cost of launching spacecraft into space.

However, last week, another privately funded space company, Blue Origin, made a breakthrough and sort of beat Musk’s SpaceX. Blue Origin managed to land its booster back to Earth upright. Musk congratulated Jeff Bezos, CEO at Blue Origin and Founder at Amazon.com, right away. In a mere minute, Musk mocked Bezos. He tweeted that the re-landing is not a first in history. Blue Origin wasn’t talking much about its plans of building rockets, let alone divulge info on where they were with their rocket building prior to launch. It is not even among the companies which are contracted by NASA to ferry cargo to the International Space Shuttle. The only two private sectors working with NASA are ULA and SpaceX. Blue Origin, however, manufactures some of ULA’s engine. Like Musk, Bezos is powered by his childhood dream of being an astronaut. Since 5 years old, he already admired Neil Armstrong being able to land on the moon.

Musk is also facing intense rivalry in the EV industry. Its biggest competitor is Faraday Future. This car company has been sneaky and doesn’t divulge much information just like Blue Origin before it launched it reusable rocket. They don’t divulge much information on where they are with their car production. The latest news is that they will release their fully electronic autonomous vehicle in January 2017. The car has no name, yet.

Tesla Motors Rival Will Release Its Fully Electronic Autonomous Car In 2017
Faraday Future’s car concept inspired by their design & engineering philosophy

Unlike Tesla Motors where investors, media and EV enthusiasts have already been informed that by March 2016, Tesla’s new EV Model 3 will be out to the public. The shape of Faraday Future’s car is liken to BMW’s X6 with battery reaching 300 miles in one charging. Tesla’s car so far can go as far as 250 miles. Tesla foresees its cars to go 500 miles in the next 10 years.

Faraday Future writes in its company philosophy, “We will launch with fully-electric vehicles that will offer smart and seamless connectivity to the outside world. Beyond traditional electric vehicles, we are also developing other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving.”

There is a big potential in Faraday Future knowing the members of its leadership team are poached from Tesla Motors: Nick Sampson, Dag Reckhorn, Alan Cherry and Tom Wessner. All of them were senior staff at Tesla Motors. Also an ex-staff of BMW, Richard Kim, now works for Faraday Future. Kim was the one who designed BMW’s i3 and i8.

It’s unlikely for Musk to be threaten of Tesla’s rivals. Afterall, he removed all patents of Tesla Motors to embrace competition so advancement of electronic vehicle will develop faster. Friendly competition like this is fun to follow and we can just wait how things will pan out.


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