Tesla Plans to Launch Automatic Charging Systems

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Tesla automatic charging system

Remember this tweet from Elon Musk last December?

Soon, Tesla drivers won’t have to leave their car to recharge. The station would automatically do it by itself.

Tesla Motors Inc. plans to develop and release a robotic electric vehicle charging system. It will use a “solid metal snake-like” chord that would automatically connect to the EV, easing consumer convenience by letting them stay in comfort of their own Tesla car.

But the company wouldn’t be the first to bring this dream into fruition.

European automaker Volkswagen AG has just launched their own version of the automatic charging system, the E-SmartConnect.

The difference between the two is that the latter involves a somewhat robotic arm instead of a snake-like chord.

Fortunately, the market doesn’t always function like a race. Despite just starting in 2012, Tesla has enjoyed noteworthy achievements. This would just incentivize Tesla to push its research and development to give its robotic charging system a competitive advantage.

The planned charging system fits Elon Musk’s vision of the future – where there is optimal consumer convenience as self-driving cars ensure safety and efficiency.


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