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PGE Places Large Tesla Semi Order

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Pride Group Enterprises (PGE) has placed a purchase order to secure Tesla Semi all-electric trucks. PGE is a diversified company based in 12 locations, both in the US and Canada. The company operates in a variety of industries including: transportation, logistics, rentals and real-estate.

Details of the deal

According to a press release by PGE on November 4, the company reserved 150 Semi Trucks, with the option to increase the order to 500 Semis.

According to CEO Sam Johal, PGE has already placed a deposit “to secure the initial units and build slots.”

The press release also stated that the 150 Semis will be distributed in locations that are friendly to the EV movement. More specifically, the locations will contain a high quantity of EV charging stations. Johal also noted that the deal will be a good way to analyze how the market will adjust to EV trucks.

The press release also outlined the current reservation will be “the first of many”. This confirms that both PGE and Tesla have set in place a long-term partnership.

PGE has been added to a growing list of companies that have secured orders for Tesla Semi Trucks. The list includes prominent corporations such as: PepsiCo, Walmart, UPS, and others.

Why is it significant?

Tesla has yet to start producing the Class-8 Semi Truck. Mass-production of Semis is slated to begin in 2021. Nonetheless, corporations are starting to realize that electricity can be a compact, energy-dense and highly-portable energy source for transportation. 

In their press release, PGE stated that “electrification is the way of the future” and their goal is to “reduce [our] carbon footprint.” The company also confirmed that it is “already busy investing in the necessary infrastructure for parking, charging and full maintenance” in all locations.

Energy analyst Wood Mackenzie estimated that Class 8 EV-trucks could grow to over 54,000 units in the US by 2025.

A Class 8 truck is a lorry with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of over 33,000 lb (14 969 kilograms).

Generally speaking, long-haul transportation is set to shift towards green-energy-based solutions, and Tesla are the surefire catalysts. 

Do you think PGE will eventually up its order to 500 Tesla Semi? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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