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Since the beginning of 2020, Tesla’s stocks have soared around 540%. That includes a stock split and as well constituted better than anticipated profits. Tesla closed at 641.76 yesterday, that’s approximately over $3,000 pre stock split.  

Tesla stock has reached a lofty all-timer last Thursday, with their stock succinctly traded at $508.61 per share, and the company’s stock has been on a meager drop since S&P Dow Jones Indices stated this week that it shall consist of the carmaker to benchmark index before a trading procedure on Monday, Dec 21.

According to CNBC Tesla stock, it is truly a considerably higher all-time close than prior all-time market close, just a little over $40 in comparison with previous ones. On December 7, as it was $599.4 and in the one before that, it was $593.38. Now take a look at today, $648.79, a sky-high price!


What is most significant is the inclusion in S&P 500 index, which is supposed to take place on December 21. Furthermore, Tesla stock has been accelerating even higher; influential money managers and mutual funds all obtain Tesla stock into their portfolio.

After Tesla’s stock’s 500% flow throughout the past year, auto analyst Adam Jonas drove Tesla to a buy-equivalent overweight rating last week. Jonas further increased his price target from being $360 to $540. Therefore a new objective is a 22% profit from the latest close. After joining S&P 500, the stock bounced 8%.

Tesla Vehicles are selling like hot cakes

Tesla very recently proclaimed its 5th consecutive quarter of pure net profit on a third-quarter gain of $8.77 billion. Additionally, the company notified that it has delivered 139,300 vehicles during the recent quarter, a brand new record for it.

Tesla’s stock is up to more than 490% year to date. Looking back at a yearly stockholder marketing meeting, back on September 22. Elon Musk affirmed that vehicle deliveries would most likely surge up to 30%-40%, versus 2019. CNBC PRO reports deliveries of 477,750 to 514,500 cars in year 2020 alone, a scope that besets Tesla’s antecedently declared goal to deliver half a million cars throughout this year.   

Elon Musk Goes to 2nd Place

What has clearly turned out to be a terrible 2020 for most of us, it’s turning out to be a prominent one for Elon Musk. Tesla’s CEO is officially becoming the world’s second-richest person after the market cap of Tesla stock reached a breakthrough. 

BloombergBillionairesIndex reports Tesla is adding a whopping $14 Billion a day to its valuation, which indeed is making Elon Musk stand next to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and unseating Microsoft’s Bill Gates.
As of writing this article Elon Musk net worth is at $134.7 Billion. 

Tesla’s downfall, a Probability

Unfortunately, various analysts are almost certain that inflated Tesla stock might sink at any given point in the upcoming years. For instance, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas reported he does not believe in that stability, let alone climbing upwards, of the Tesla stocks due to the competition that has begun in the market. 

Sadly, for all we know he may be right. Nothing lasts forever, especially such over-the-top extraordinary, and grand success like Tesla.

For now, all we can do is enjoy it while it’s still here. Acknowledge the green environment it yields, appreciate user-friendly vehicles it produces, and all of Elon Musk’s brilliant creativity. After all, “we don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone.” In spite of that speculation. What do you wonder might happen, would Tesla get even bigger? Or deflate like most businesses?


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