Tesla to Rent Self Driving Software in 2021

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Elon Musk confirms Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software will be available as a subscription in the second quarter of 2021. This represents a golden opportunity for more people to make use of the best semi-autonomous driving software on the market, without having to pay a large sum of money.

The software itself is constantly increasing in value as its development progresses. Currently, it’s worth $10,000 USD, but Musk mentioned that the full product will be valued at $100,000 USD upon release. The technology itself is significantly advanced and supports a safe driving experience. More features are constantly being added to further reduce the need for human intervention.

How a Self-Driving Tesla Works

Self-driving technology uses 360 degree cameras, motion and sound detection sensors. As well as radars to guide vehicles through mapped out streets and highways. Tesla cars are equipped with eight cameras, twelve sensors, and a front-facing radar to avoid any obstacles and navigate streets safely. 

These equipment also allow the cars to steer themselves across lanes and other cars. On and off ramps, as well as parking situations. Although drivers still need to pay attention, the system makes the cars more reliable, decreasing the rate of accidents and reducing the driver’s responsibilities.

In fact, Tesla claims their self-driving cars are four times better than normal cars; while on Autopilot mode, there is an estimated 1 fatality per 320 million miles driven. If these statistics are even remotely true, millions of lives could be spared and millions of dollars saved by further integration of this technology. 

Judging by the efficacy of automatic emergency braking, which a lot of modern cars already have. The system could be very effective in preventing rear ended crashes. It could prevent crashes involving 57% teens, 81% young adults, 100% adults, and 71% older adults.

Why the wait?

The subscription model for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite was already being talked about last year. Elon Musk even said this would be offered, but several delays ensued. The idea initially behind the pay-as-you-go model was that people taking long trips with families or friends could get this feature temporarily to make their drive more comfortable.

This was very appealing, especially considering the increasing price of the software. With the  constant development, Musk indicating that the company is upgrading the neural network of the system meant that the subscription model had to be pushed back until a more optimized service can be offered.

Musk’s recent tweet stating that a release is due in the second quarter of this year is very likely to be accurate. A full release of the software is approaching and services like RoboTaxi are in the works. This necessitates increased adoption by the public, which are increasingly more likely to opt for a subscription, as the $100,000 USD valuation comes to fruition upon release.

5G to Lead Future Autonomous Car Development

The newest component of self-driving cars that can truly propel them into prominence in the future is the implementation of 5G cellular network. This would enable different autonomous cars to communicate with each other with minimal latency.

This communication would include information about roads and hazards in different locations, reducing traffic issues and making complex routes easier to navigate. 

Once fully developed and implemented, this technology would also allow these cars to communicate with different infrastructure elements that are part of modern roads and transportation systems. Imagine being alerted when parking spots become available in your intended location before you even get there!


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