Tesla Unveils New Solar Panels

Tesla Unveils New Solar Panels

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If you’re still waiting for the solar roof tiles you’re not alone.

The newly-repositioned solar company has finally released a new line of solar panels on its website.

According to Inc and Elektrek, these solar panels use a mounting system developed previously by Zep Solar, a company that was acquired by Solar City in 2013; before the latter was acquired by Tesla.  These panels will be manufactured in Gigafactory 2, one of two factories owned by Tesla and Panasonic. The Japanese company has been a long partner of Tesla, and while its manufacturing deals with several solar companies, the new solar panels will be exclusively Tesla’s.

These panels are designed to integrate Tesla’s Powerwall, where the collected solar energy will be stored for nighttime usage, creating a sustainable energy cycle.

Tesla has announced that the new solar panels will “exceed industry standards for durability and lifespan.” Which generally ranges between 20 to 25 years.

When Musk first talked about Tesla’s project to create solar roof tiles in October 2016, he stressed on the need to make solar panels as appealing as electric cars have become. Appealing here also means power-saving and affordable.

He summarized his vision of his Tesla’s solar roof tiles: ’’[we want it to] look better, generate electricity, last longer, have better insulation, have a lesser cost than electricity. so why would you buy anything else?’’

Tesla’s solar roof tiles are designed to replace traditional, bulky roof tiles with solar ones – similar to giving superpower to your roof!

The company will begin taking orders on the roofs sometime this month, and production is expected to begin around mid-2017, still, no date was set by Tesla. But the good news is customers can get quotes on installations for the solar panels.



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