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The Boring Company at Fort Lauderdale

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The Boring Company meets with Fort Lauderdale mayor for a future tunneling project.

The Boring Company (TBC) talked with Fort Lauderdale mayor Dean J. Trantalis about a future tunneling project in New River.

Plans for a future TBC tunnel in New River

The Boring Company (TBC) conversed with Fort Lauderdale mayor Dean J. Trantalis regarding a future tunneling project in New River recently.

The goal of the Boring Company tunnels is to operate as high-speed rail service around the Las Vegas Convention Center reducing commute time drastically.

 Mayor Trantalis expressed that he, Vice Mayor Michael Udine and other officials plan to visit the Boring Company’s Las Vegas mega tunnel to further grasp how the company works. 

He clarified that a Boring Company tunnel is a “critical component” to hinder traffic in downtown Fort Lauderdale. 

However, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) isn’t on board with TBC’s tunneling project. FDOT believes a Boring Company tunnel would cost $3 billion and would much prefer to construct a high-rise train trestle instead.

TBC refuted FDOT’s $3 billion price. The Boring Company assessed that a tunneling project in downtown Fort Lauderdale would cost between $30 million to $60 million, significantly less than alternative FDOT proposed

The Boring Company promises a party

Tesla founder Elon Musk wants to celebrate the launch of the Boring Company Las Vegas tunnel projects with a Fallout-themed party, referring to a video game he’s enthusiastic about.

In fact, Tesla included a variant of the game, called ‘ Fallout Shelter’, in the software update of their cars.

The event will take place “as soon as allowed” due to coronavirus restrictions, he said.

“That’s why @boringcompany is so exciting. They are very interested in South Florida and say they can build a tunnel quickly and at an extremely reduced price – even cheaper than FDOT’s bridge,” said Mayor Trantalis. 

“They have already proven that with the system they built in Las Vegas.” The Mayor added.

Recently, Elon Musk disclosed that he chatted with Florida governor Ron DeSantis about tunnels in a reply to Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami, who also expressed his interest in talking with TBC about tunneling projects. 

Musk Family at The Boring Company

This Sunday, Elon Musk visited the Vegas Loop mega tunnel, which was built by Musk’s drilling company The Boring Company. 

Musk also posted an image of himself with his three children in the Vegas Loop’s loading dock; one of the rare occasions where he shares pictures of his family via twitter

“Under Vegas in @boringcompany tunnel yesterday with my boys,” Elon Musk tweeted.

With this underground tunnel, the tycoon seeks to revolutionize tourist transport. The tunnel will be able to take transport passengers from one end of the city to the other within minutes. 

The Vegas Loop comprises two twin one-mile (1.6-kilometer) tunnels, which form a loop. It connects the Convention Center with the Las Vegas Strip, creating an alternative, high-speed subway system. 

Passengers will be transported in autonomous Tesla cars and it will run alongside public buses, taxis and the monorail. 


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