The Boring Company Launching The Boring Competition

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One of the Boring Company’s

main objectives is to develop better tunnel-boring technology with the goal of creating cost-effective tunnel networks that reduce traffic congestion. 

These networks will be dug using automated tunnel-boring machines that reduce the tunnel’s diameter to less than 14 feet. The standard diameter for a one-lane tunnel is about 28 feet.  

If the company succeeds in achieving this goal, it will be able to outline a blueprint for future tunnel excavation methods used by all engineering companies. 

A not so boring competition

How would an entrepreneur like Elon Musk tackle the issues of public transit and traffic congestion? By creating a competition of course!

On July 7, the company announced that it will launch a competition, fittingly dubbed “Not-a-Boring-Competition”, during the spring of 2021. 

It will see teams design, build and race their own tunneling solution.  

Even a snail will eventually reach its destination

The competition stipulates that teams will “compete to bore a 30-meter tunnel with a cross-sectional area of 0.2 square meters”.

The company also announced three winning categories for the competition:
1-) Fastest team to complete a tunnel

2-) Fastest team to complete a tunnel and a driving surface that a remote-controlled car can race through

3-) Team with the most precisely-located tunnel.

The Boring Company is aiming to attract innovation by gauging interest from people of all backgrounds, and from all over the world. 

Anyone can enter the competition: students, hobbyists, engineers, companies. 

As previously mentioned, the teams will race to design and dig a tunnel. It must also be done so by beating the speed of a snail. 

As easy as it may sound, it is actually a challenging prospect.

The Boring Company’s FAQ page states that current soft-soil Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) are 14 times slower than snails. 

Why host this type of competition?

The Boring Company has not disclosed what the winning teams will receive apart from a first-place finish. 

But knowing Elon Musk’s business approach, this type of competition will probably be used to recruit talented prospects for The Boring Company.  

So if you’re a job-hunting engineer that is looking to apply your acquired skills in a practical manner, participating in that competition would constitute a great opportunity!  

The Boring company has included a form that interested applicants must fill out in order to participate in the competition.


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