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Tesla Batteries store a pleasant surprise

Tesla (TSLA) shares has driven Canaccord analyst Jed Dorsheimer to upgrade the electric car company’s shares from “hold” to “buy” with nearly triple his initial price target to $1,071 a share.

Tesla stocks which weren’t at all promising in the first two months of 2021. However, they’re soaring after the success of the first quarter and went a bit higher this week after Dorsheimer’s announcement.

Dorsheimer said Tesla is winning other electrical car companies by a  “several-year lead”. However, the reason behind Dorsheimer’s  endorsement for Tesla stocks is not entirely about the cars themselves, it’s all in the batteries.

Tesla Battery. Image credits:

Tesla’s business is mainly focused on its quite successful automotive. In fact, back in 2020, their automotive business accounted for 94% of Tesla’s revenues.

According to Dorsheimer, things will change. The analyst believes that the energy side of Tesla will possibly bring more revenues to the company.

The energy side might grow up to $8 billion, four times more than in 2020 within the next three to four years. He also predicted Tesla’s energy products will produce gross profit margins on par with the margins of the automotive business year, which are about 25%.

Tesla batteries do more than simply helping an electric car operate. Their batteries can also be used to store energy outside of cars. Tesla focuses on “first-principle engineering”, before they even begin worrying where to use the produced batteries.

Tesla Batteries bring a Solar Future

Tesla will work out the malfunctions in its supply chain to ensure sufficient battery production. By 2022, the company will be able to provide beyond its automotive needs.  Once Tesla achieves this goal, the increased battery supply will allow Tesla to reach its aggressive Powerwall campaign.

The company is hoping to sell batteries for installation in residential homes. And, increase their sales to electric utilities of denser Powerpack and Megapack rechargeable batteries used for utility-scale energy storage.

Tesla solar panels. Image credits: Apple Magazine

The battery costs will drop by as much as 30% in terms of dollar per kilowatt-hour as Tesla helps both of its divisions in their gross. Cheaper batteries will make both T cars and its battery storage devices stronger in the market by reducing input costs.

Tesla’s current situation will help it to build its own Apple-esque ecosystem of energy products. This makes Tesla “The Brand” to own in electricity storage, similarly to how it already is in electric cars.

Tesla itself is probably on the same ground as the analyst Dorsheimer’s assessment. His predictions explain why Tesla Motors dropped the second half of its name in 2017. Back then, Technoking of Tesla Elon Musk was thinking ahead for a long term goal.

Now the Canaccord analyst has understood what Musk was aiming for in 2017, and the company has already started working on making Dorsheimer predictions true.

Tesla Invades Europe 

Tesla in Europe. Image credits: The verge

Tesla Inc broke its own record  in the first quarter of 2021, with deliveries supplying 184,800 vehicles to customers. Tesla outpaced the electric vehicle competition in Norway with the Model 3 sports sedan as the top-seller.

Tesla didn’t only make the jump in Europe, but in China and Japan too. China’s Tesla deliveries are up 207%, relatively shy against Japan, where deliveries went up 1,300%.

Tesla Model 3 made an impressive win as best selling vehicle in Austria in March, with 1,127 cars sold. Tesla Model 3 represents 3.8% of all vehicles sold in the country.

Now, Tesla’s Model 3 holds a 33% share of the market in Austria.

These statistics are not just numbers for sales, they’re a statement. Tesla has asserted its dominance not only in the EV market, but it has proved that it will take over the roads soon.

 As governments encourage environmentally safe cars, the passenger plugin vehicle market continues to rise in Europe. The continent has registered more than 115,000 plugin vehicles in February.

Tesla Model 3 won first place in the European plugin vehicle sale race. The sports sedan has scored 5,506 deliveries last month, giving the car its first monthly win since last September.

Model 3’s win came from its main markets Germany (1,910 units), France (1,166), Austria (369) and Norway (334).


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